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“Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking,

according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways

of breaking the habit.”

Pain Management/Control


Pain of any sort is debilitating and yet it can be our friend as it tells us we need help. Once diagnosed by your doctor, and with his permission, I can teach you some techniques to help you manage your pain more  effectively; by using certain techniques which I will teach you. Previous clients have reduced the amount of pain killers they need to take and so have felt more in control and accepting of their situation.

Fears & Phobias


These two words are often confused as a true phobia is a complete avoidance of a specific situation or object. It is often irrational and can have a debilitating effect on your life. Using different techniques including NLP and EMDR we can ‘calm’ the situation down for you. Through relaxation your fear or phobia can be worked through and extinguished, or at the very least managed.




Most of us have suffered from anxiety at some point in our lives. If it is taking over your life and you are finding it difficult to cope with everyday life; Hypnotherapy can help you. I will teach you coping strategies so that together we can help you feel less anxious and more in control of your life.

Habits & Behaviours


Hypnotherapy can be very effective once the client is ready for change. These unwanted habits or behaviours could have been established over many years and were possibly helpful or gave comfort at some time in your life. Change may take place quickly (eg. smoking cessation) or with some habits it may take time (eg. OCD and/or trichotillomania ).

Cancer Care

Hypnotherapy can help with the feelings of anxiety and loss of control.  I can help you re-gain control over your mind, body, your life and yourself. I often write scripts for my clients whilst they are receiving chemotherapy. I record my voice on an App which they listen to in hospital. I do get consent from the Oncologists.

Weight Control/Management


There are many reasons why some people gain weight more than others. Some of these can be emotional, which we can work through together so that we can get to the bottom of any issues you have surrounding food. If you really want to shed/discard weight and change your eating habits then ‘yes’ I can facilitate this process. You will need to be 100% committed and ready for the challenge. I have had some exciting results and very happy clients who are now on their way to a healthier lifestyle and happier attitude towards food.


Hypnotherapy With Children and Young People

Hypnotherapy is used to help children with issues that are negatively affecting their learning or social, emotional or behavioural development. I can help children (so long as they have a cognitive and language ability of

approximately 5 years) who have a desire to change something about their behaviour, thinking patterns and/or feelings. They need to be willing to engage and cooperate in sessions.

The issues it can help with are: Raising self-esteem/confidence. Dealing with emotions, e.g. anger, grief, sadness, anxiety. Symptoms of diagnosed conditions, e.g. ASD, ADHD, OCD, anxiety, depression. Habit breaking, e.g. thumb sucking. Anxiety, e.g. exams, fears and phobias. Improving concentration & memory. Self-harming behaviours. Sleeping difficulties, e.g. night terrors. Eating difficulties, e.g. fussy eating. Enuresis /encopresis.

Speech/language issues, e.g. stammers, selective mutism. Pain control, e.g.

headaches and much more.

“At times clients will come regarding a specific issue and, through discussion, we often find out that there is an underlying cause and that the specific issue they came with is just a symptom. Together we work on the cause and soon the symptom decreases or vanishes altogether. I can facilitate you to help yourself and this is very empowering for you as a client. This leads on to greater confidence, more motivation and a feeling of peace and contentment as you regain control of your life.


Some clients come back regularly because the process is so relaxing, calming and soothing.

Additionally I offer Hypno-Aromatherapy which is extremely popular. After a further consultation so that I can blend a suitable oil for your own individual needs;, I massage you whilst taking you into Hypnosis. The effect is complete Mind and Body Relaxation.”

How can I help you:

Cancer Care
Hypnotherapy for children
 Pain & Discomfort
 Fears & Phobias
 Sports Performance
 Habits & Behaviours
 Sexual Health
 Anxiety & Stress
 Smoking Cessation
 Weight Control
 Past Life Regression
 Childbirth & Fertility