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Claudia is a totally professional, highly skilled and committed therapist. My own experience of a course of hypnotherapy was nothing less than transformational.

I decided to continue my treatment with regular hypnoaromatherapy sessions. These are simply wonderful. I would recommend Claudia without hesitation.   GA, Ilkley


Claudia has enabled me to be significantly happier in all aspects of my life, and to get things into perspective so nothing worries me in the same way.
Our sessions together unearthed all sorts of issues that I didn't even realise were affecting me and the tools she gave me helped me to deal with them and effectively move on.
I cannot recommend her highly enough; she's lovely and friendly, a great listener, happily very adaptable and unshockable!     Thank you for your wonderful help.

Whether you are a sceptic like me or already comfortable with the idea of hypnotherapy, hypnotherapy can bring benefits quickly – after three sessions I had a calm space for dealing with the fear of flying I was persuaded to see Claudia about. It worked!     TS

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12lbs lighter, (relatively) smoke free and only just started my journey.

Claudia has enabled me to make some much needed changes to my day to day life. Supportive, professional and patient, Claudia worked with me to understand and identify the root causes of my problems, rather that just treating the symptoms.

Sometimes hard but mostly liberating. I truly think the world would be a better place (or at least an easier place for us all to live in) if we all spent some time with Claudia.

"Conquer your fears or phobia with hypnotherapy. I conquered

   mine! Thanks to Claudia.”

I have been seeing Claudia for some time in respect of anxiety/stress related issues. I am the original "what if" girl....however, I am learning to use the tools that she has given me and they were in evidence on a traumatic flight to Corfu.  

The flight was aborted less than 2 mins before landing and the pilot had to climb rapidly to avoid the mountain range ahead. We were taken to mainland Greece and then endured a 13 hour road and ferry journey to get to our hotel.

On the flight especially I found that my breathing was steady, my body relaxed and above anything my mind was extremely calm. I think for many passengers it was a very difficult time but I know that I used the lessons Claudia has taught me to deal with the journey in a positive way and I am very grateful to her.   

My learning continues, I trust her completely and I cannot  recommend this lovely lady highly enough.   VH

For most of my adult life I have suffered from a fear of spiders.

I recently booked a holiday to Australia to visit my brother but actually considered cancelling it because the thought of the spiders there was too much! Thankfully Claudia was recommended to me.

After my first session I began to feel much calmer whenever I thought about them. After session two I could hold a plastic spider, something I could never have done before.

At my third, and final session Claudia had me looking at pictures of spiders and placing the plastic ones in my purse.

I am now hunting round my house and place of work looking for real ones, whereas before I would have had to even go to a neighbour's house to ask them to remove one from mine! And the plastic spiders now have names and are still in my purse.

Claudia has transformed my life.

Thank you, you are amazing.      I H

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 Fears & Phobias
 Sports Performance
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 Anxiety & Stress
 Smoking Cessation
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My 7 year old daughter has sucked her thumb since forever and all our previous attempts at cajoling and bribing her to stop had failed. We decided to try hypnotherapy before going down the route of thumb guards and splints...we were so glad we did.

Claudia worked with Charlotte in such a gentle and playful way that any anxiety that Charlotte may have had was quickly allayed. We are absolutely delighted that following just one session with Claudia, Charlotte has stopped sucking her thumb completely both day and night and is feeling so proud of her achievement. We can't now really remember a time when she did suck her thumb and we feel confident that this change will be permanent.

Thank you Claudia we are delighted we found you.

Cannot recommend this wonderful lady enough, she has helped me in so many aspects of my life. For as far back as I can remember I had suffered with anxiety and depression, and with the help and guidance of Claudia through hypnotherapy and a few other methods, we had our 'eureka!' moment - ever since then I feel like a completely different person, and all the better for it. It's not just hypnotherapy it's the support and coping methods she provides that's really re-shaped how I feel and can move on to really live my life to its fullest. 

Feel the fear and do it anyway! '

I went to Claudia to help with my stress levels and anxiety leading up to my wedding. I cannot recommend her enough. Because of Claudia, I was able to enjoy my wedding day completely stress and anxiety free! In fact, everyone I came across in the days and hours leading up to my wedding commented on how calm I was. I couldn't have done this without Claudia's professional help and guidance. With Claudia, not only do you get an excellent hypnotherapist that achieves results, but you will also be working with someone that genuinely cares and whose warmth means she is easy to talk and open up to. I am continuing my sessions with Claudia to help deal with other aspects of my life and am excited for the results

I came to see Claudia to stop smoking. I’ve smoked socially for 30 years. I needed help to quit once and for all and now I am smoke free after seeing Claudia. 2 sessions is all it took! I have no cravings and no desire to smoke. As she said, you do have to seriously want to stop and then it will work. ‘I’ did it but she gave me the tools to enable me to do it. It is amazing and I’m so glad I went to see her. I would, and do, recommend her to anybody. Thank you Claudia. JE – Ilkley